Find here all the notation types available when creating a Qwiid.

  1. For / Against

    Say if you are "for" or "against"

    For / Against
  2. Stars (1 to 5)

    Star rate

    Stars (1 to 5)
  3. Yes / No

    Choose between "yes" or "no"

    Yes / No
  4. Yes / Maybe / No

    Choose between "yes", "maybe" or "no"

    Yes / Maybe / No
  5. Percentage

    Give a percentage

  6. Score (0 to 10)

    Give a number of points between 0 and 10

    Score (0 to 10)
  7. Appreciation scale

    Give your opinion from terrible to excellent

    Appreciation scale
  8. Opinion scale

    Give your opinion from "totally against" to "totally for"

    Opinion scale
  9. Satisfaction scale

    Give an opinion between "unstatisfied" and "very satisfied"

    Satisfaction scale
  10. Frequency scale

    Define a frequency between "never" and "always"

    Frequency scale
  11. Probability scale

    Give your intention between "extremely unlikely" and "extremely likely"

    Probability scale
  12. Agreement scale

    Give your opinion between "strongly disagree" and "strongly agree"

    Agreement scale
  13. Importance scale

    Give your opinion from not important to mandatory

    Importance scale