You create your own Qwiid and participate for free.

You have access to basic functionalities.

  • Create your Qwiid's
  • Participate to Qwiid's
  • Choose your username
from 199 /acc/year*

You increase the security of your data and the integration of the tool into your environment.

You have a site branded in your image and based on a dedicated database.

  • Basic plan
  • Manage Qwiid's
  • Responsive support
  • Enhanced security
  • Custom interfaces
  • Choose your subdomain
* All prices are exclusive of VAT

Distinction between "creator" accounts used to create and manage qwiid and "participant" accounts allowing to participate in qwiid by being identified.

Creator account:

  • 249€/acc/year between 0 and 40 accounts
  • 199€/acc/year between 41 and 80 accounts

Participant account: 100€ for 10 acc/year
(4 'participant' accounts free for each 'creator' account)

On demand

You need a large number of "creator" accounts, you have very specific requests, you are looking for a tailor-made solution.

Contact us for a personalized quote.

  • Business plan
  • Custom development
  • On premise solution
  • On site database