Help with creation

Creating your Qwiid is really very easy!

  1. Enter the following data
    • The topic of the Qwiid : this will be the archival name of the Qwiid
      Example: Summer holidays
    • Question(s) to be decided
      Example: Where to go?
    • The propositions on which the participants will give their opinion
      Example: Norway, Italy, Australia, ...
    • Motivations if there are already for or against certain propositions. Participants can also add more.
      Example: Good weather, not too far, ...
  2. Everything is configurable!

    Depending on the decision to be made, it is possible to modify:

    • The type of questions
      Open, closed, smart poll, ...
    • The type of rating scale
      For/Against, scale from 1 to 10, Yes/No, percentage, ...
    • Identification of participants
      Hide the name of the participants or make them visible to each other
    • The type of participation
      To impose or not to the participants to vote, to force the participants to justify their vote by a motivation, to prevent participants from adding propositions or motivations, ...
    • The number of phases
      Participation rounds according to the evolution of inputs
  3. Spread the Qwiid

    The application provides a participation link to collect the votes of the participants and a consultation link to allow some to observe the Qwiid in progress (without being able to participate)

  4. Everyone voted?

    The Qwiid constitutes a report, filled with votes, added and challenged motivations. It is possible to know who voted for what and especially why! It only remains to make the right decision taking the participations into account.