In a glimpse, you know and you decide

Qwiid provides a schematic rendering of your team members’ opinions and their motivations.

You gather input from your team.

Everyone can express themselves freely and without pressure.

Everyone can react on opinions and motivations of others in a serene atmosphere and in dynamic collaboration.

You allow individual and collective reflection to mature.

You say "Goodbye" to endless and boring meetings.

You take the right decision.

What is Qwiid?

Qwiid is a web application that facilitates the exchange of opinions in your team and improves the quality of your decisions.

Each member of your team has a valuable brain.
Connecting these brains allows you to take the best decisions.

Qwiid is the easiest and the most efficient way to do this.

No more tedious meetings, no more emails going in all directions.
Qwiid encourages and frames the exchange of opinions and arguments in your team.

Qwiid gives you a schematic view of the state of the collective reflection at any given moment.
At the end, your Qwiid is a perfect record of the deliberation and you have all you need to take the best decision.

Qwiid, it's that simple!

First step Create your Qwiid
Second step Share your Qwiid and collect the votes
Last step Take the right decision
And voilĂ !
Introducing Qwiid

Qwiid avantages

Easy and intuitive use

Handling is pleasant and direct.


Creating and participating in a Qwiid can be done swiftly.

Wherever whenever

Qwiid is responsive. From your desk or elsewhere, live or delayed, on all your screens.

Flexible and adaptive

Highly configurable to perfectly tailor to your needs

Frames the debate

Qwiid prevents off-topics and concentrates reflection on points of importance.

Dynamic and collaborative

Qwiid renforces team involvement.

Brings all info together clearly

Qwiid offers a schematic view on the debate and an immediate final report.

Eliminates cognitive biases

Qwiid reduces cognitive biases that can twist reasoning. It also ends transcription errors in communicating opinions.

Secured solution

Your personal data is protected.

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